Submissive London escorts

Submissive London escorts

Submissive London escorts are an absolute delight. They are the girls who bow to your desires. Your every whim is their command. It is every dominant personalities desire to have a true sub under their control. To do with as they will.

If you get turned on by taking control. Then a submissive escort in London is the way to go. Pleasing others is what makes them happy. Only a true sub will lavish in the role. They truly enjoy giving over control to their partners.

Now, most people tend to associate submission with BDSM. After all, the media has influenced this massively. However, there are also other ways submission can be incorporated. Role play is very popular. It is so easy to incorporate the sub/dom situation into role play games. Did you realise that by playing an adult version of Dr´s and nurse’s you are unknowingly participating in those roles. Why not arouse yourself by taking on the more commanding role?

Mild submissive or full blown slave

There are different levels of submissive London escorts. They tend to go from fairly mild to full blown. The milder escorts enjoy a bit of spanking and some hair pulling. Whilst other get their kicks from ‘being owned’. They love to have a dom to order them around completely. If you decide to build up to having regular time with her. You can decide to take on permanent roles by requesting her to fully submit and wear a black choker. Enhance the fun by taking her out and request that she wears it when out with you. The fun is endless when you have a submissive slave escort.

Apart from all of the above you can go full whack (pun not intended) and dole out a bit of corporal punishment. Although, this is not something to do with malice. The whole idea is to incorporate it into a bit of fun. You must have the boundaries set out from the beginning. If you cross the line. Be warned! You will be blacklisted from the agency. If you feel that you have enough self-control and want to thoroughly enjoy a submissive escort from London. Yet you lack the experience. Then there is no reason why you cannot ask her to teach you in the art. Submissive escorts are vastly experienced. They love to teach their clients how to think out of the box and enjoy something a little less ‘vanilla’.

No experience needed

There is no need to have had prior experience with a submissive London escort girl to book one of these escorts. If it is something that piques your interest. Then give it a whirl. If you do not enjoy it as much as you thought you would. Then at least you know. You know what they say…you never know until you try it. That is certainly true for when experimenting with this new sensation.